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Central Sleep Apnoea - Guidelines and recommendations into identifying and reporting of CSA

Sefam UK recently published a series of 5 blogs on Central Sleep Apnoea (CSA) which is much less prevalent than Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), however, CSA and its phenotypes have important clinical implications.

Understanding these phenotypes can help sleep medicine clinicians screen for and treat CSA more effectively.

Blog number 2 discusses the Key signs and symptoms of Central sleep Apnoea - and what to look out for.

The 3rd blog discusses the implications of the current CSA guidelines and recommendations on identifying and reporting of CSA.

CSA flow chart

CSA flow chart

The fourth blog looks at Central Sleep Apnoea and the guidelines and recommendations into identifying and reporting of CSA and hypothetically - what may need to be put in place if new consensus / guidelines are adopted by Sleep Medicine Societies.  


The fifth and final blog of this series describes and demonstrates how Sefam UK's S Box CPAP/NIV hardware and software solutions and our PolyLink polygraphy system report residual central apnoea and hypopnoea events.

Sefam Analyze

To round up this series of blogs we would recommend reading these very recent publications on this topic:


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