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Meet The Team


Mike McEwan

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Mike is the Managing Director for Sefam Medical UK.

Sefam UK was established in July 2021 and is a subsidiary of Sefam France.

Mike has almost two decades of leading commercial teams in sleep apnoea and respiratory care for ResMed UK and ResMed Europe and also as an independent business Consultant in the Sleep and Ventilation area.


He is leading the Sefam UK team that is bringing in Sefam Medicals' innovative S-Box connected care therapies for Sleep-disordered breathing in response to the NHS need for CPAP/APAP devices and the bilevel S Box Duo S and S Box Duo ST .

He is also supplying the innovative Sunrise device for the diagnosis of OSA to the NHS

in the UK.  The Sefam UK team is expanding and has been very successful in bringing innovative technology-enabled care diagnostic and treatment solutions to the Sleep Medicine market in the UK'


Tony Allen

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Senior Account Manager

Tony qualified as an Operating department practitioner, training at Mansfield group hospitals, through The North Trent School for ODP’s at Sheffield.

He worked as an ODP and Senior ODP in the NHS and private sector covering most specialties.

He then had a career change and “went commercial” as it were. He joined the Kendall company as a territory representative. Through several acquisitions, this company became Covidien healthcare (Now Medtronic) Tony has held many different roles as his career has progressed culminating as Sales and marketing director for the UK Vascular division. He has also held roles of UK business development for oversee based organisations and International Sales Director for Salter labs respiratory in the US.

He has been in the commercial sector in varying roles and capacities for the past 26 years, with a length of time working directly in sleep therapy, both in commercial and patient-facing support roles.

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Kuldip Madar

Dr Phyllis Murphie




Senior Account Manager


Kuldip is a Medical Electronics graduate from the University of Liverpool - he commenced his career on a graduate program at Pfizer as Test Engineer and then moved to his first commercial role as Sales Specialist at BBraun selling the first range of Space infusion systems, entering the market and growing the business to £5m annual turnover. He spent the first 5 years as a Sales Representative and the latter 5 years as a Regional Sales Manager. 


He moved to Stryker for 7 years to run their UK Technical Services division focusing on commercialising the team to increase the recurring service contracts revenue and implementing initiatives to improve customer service.


During the last 3 years, he has held sales management roles selling Apherisis and infusion systems and now embarks on a new exciting role at Sefam Medical UK.

Liam Ions

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Operations Manager 

Liam's has a background in accounting with a strong foundation in financial management and record-keeping. In 2021, he transitioned into a more operational role at Sefam UK.

Liam wears multiple hats, overseeing crucial aspects of the company's day-to-day functions. Here's a breakdown of his key responsibilities:



Liam manages the financial aspects of Sefam UK,  includes budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with relevant financial regulations. 


Customer Service:

Liam is also involved in customer service, addressing  inquiries, resolving issues, and maintaining positive relationships with clients. 


Warehousing/Logistics Operations:

Liam oversees the warehousing and logistics operations, and manages the supply chain. This involves inventory management, order fulfilment, and coordination with suppliers and distributors. 


Operational Efficiency:

Liam is focused on optimising operational processes to enhance efficiency. This involves streamlining workflows, and identifying areas for improvement. 


Team Collaboration:

Liam collaborates with the Sefam team, supporting effective communication  ensuring that everyone works cohesively towards common operational goals.


Adaptability and Learning:

Liam's transition from a primarily accounting role to a multifaceted operational position reflects his willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges. 


Liam's role as Operations Manager at Sefam UK underscores the importance of a well-rounded skill set in today's business landscape. 


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Virtual Business Support Executive


Chloe is a jack of all trades, with a background in customer service, business development and administration. She started working with Sefam in late 2021 to help with administration. She supports Mike and the rest of the team in the background but has also been known to jump in and help out on other projects if she feels like she can add value there as well.

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Clinical Affairs and Business Development Manager


 Phyllis is a Registered Nurse who gained her Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 2021. She worked in the NHS in various roles qualifying in August 1986. From 1997 - 2005 she worked as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist in Secondary care. In 2005 – 2020 she worked as a Respiratory Nurse Consultant leading a team of Specialist Nurses and developed an Integrated Respiratory Team that covered both primary and secondary care across NHS Dumfries and Galloway.  In June 2020 she left her NHS post to complete her Ph.D. in Telemedicine and Sleep Medicine and to pursue other career opportunities. She continues to be active in the respiratory research field and has ongoing research collaborations in the field of Sleep Medicine.  She took on the National Co-Lead Role for Sleep Medicine Service Improvement with the Centre for Sustainable Delivery from April 21 till March 2023.  She also worked in General Practice from April 2022-March 2023 as a Specialist Respiratory Nurse assisting in the review of people living with Asthma and COPD.

She has worked on a Consultancy basis with Sefam UK since October 2020 and has now taken on a substantive role with Sefam UK in April 2023.

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