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CPAP Patient

Treatment Efficacy

Polylink and Sefam Analyse

Sefam Polylink features

The PolyLink system and Sefam Analyse display all treatment efficacy data in one place in the Sefam Analyse desktop software which is unique to this software.


This unique feature of the PolyLink system allows the clinician to review detailed sleep-related data whilst on treatment that can support treatment titration and changes to the S Box settings remotely where required via the Sefam Analyse software.


How does PolyLink do this?


The PolyLink system  allows the acquisition of signals:

  • Respiratory effort

  • Body position

The S Box device allows simultaneous real-time acquisition, synchronisation, and storage on the SD Card of: 

  • treatment efficacy parameters, 

    • flow, delivered pressure, and unintentional leak signals 

  • from the PolyLink effort/position kit​

    • respiratory effort​

    • body position

  • oxygen saturation and heart rate data from the Nonin Wrist oximeter by wireless communication​


The recovery and analysis of the signals stored on the S Box data card are performed by the Sefam Analyse desktop software (as of version 2 onwards).

PolyLink in combination with the S Box allows Polygraphic measurement of the treatment efficacy of CPAP /APAP/NIV therapy as well as supporting home titration and re-titration (where indicated).

The PolyLink study provides 10 channels of data during therapy.

BRO208-01 Brochure PolyLink en.pdf (

Sefam Oximeter

Overnight Oximetry with the S Box

The Nonin PureSAT® SpO2 technology, the WristOx2 3150 with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) delivers fast, accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings in challenging conditions, including low perfusion and motion.


The oximeter connects to the S Box wirelessly to provide overnight oxygen saturation and heart rate data which is stored on the SD card and can be retrieved using the Sefam Analyse desktop software.

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