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SEFAM Connect

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Sefam Connect is a complete cloud-based solution for healthcare providers that allows:

  • the monitoring of the machine's performance 

  • the transmission of compliance data daily

  • rapid access to processing information via simple tables and graphs

  • the synthesis of the main processing parameters

  • alert programming to identify problems at the earliest opportunity

  • remote access to machine settings and to change settings remotely

SEFAM Analyze

SEFAM Analyze is the desktop data management software associated with the S.Box and reserved for healthcare professionals. Its main functions are:

  • recovery of compliance data

  • visualization and analysis of all data including some in high definition such as flow rate or SPO2 from an external oximeter

  • the edition of a configurable observance report

  • sending data to the SEFAM Connect platform via the Up to Cloud function

  • the configuration of the S.Box settings

  • the pre-programming of several sessions with different parameters during the titration period

SEFAM Access lite

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SEFAM Access Lite is a free mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App store specially designed for the patient. It offers multiple advantages such as:

  • Day-to-day follow-up of S.Box treatment efficacy

  • Integration of other health data from peripheral connected devices 

  • Communication with healthcare professionals

  • Remote control of S.Box

The SEFAM Access mobile application, made available to the patient, also allows regular exchanges between the patients and their health professionals, in the form of questionnaires and messaging.

SEFAM Access Pro

  • Sefam Access Pro is an app available for Android and iOS devices on their respective application store (Playstore and App Store).

  • This app allows the healthcare clinician to connect with S.Box Duo and access the settings of the device during the ongoing ventilation of a patient. 

  • Only the Clinician will be able to set modes and their respective parameters and also monitor the ventilation parameters calculated by the machine. 

  • This application communicates through a Blue Tooth connection between a mobile and an S.Box Duo S / ST device.

  • Allows adjustment to the treatment parameters of the S.Box Duo, before applying the device to a patient and also during the treatment.

  • Visualisation of real-time respiratory parameters and adjusting and setting treatment parameters like IPAP, EPAP Rise Time etc.

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