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5th of 5 blogs from Sefam UK, looking at Central Sleep Apnoea and the guidelines and recommendations into identifying and reporting of CSA events.

Reporting Central Apnoeas and Hypopnoeas in Sefam Connect and Sefam Analyse remote monitoring Software

Sefam Connect is our software where the cloud based data and the PDF report show the Central Apnoea Index and the Central (Hypopnoea Index. This allows the clinician to remotely monitor the patient with combined OSA/CSA with our Sefam Connect Software for any signs of treatment emergent central sleep apnoea (TECSA).

Sefam Connect report

Sefam Connect Report

Sefam Analyse software

The desktop Sefam Analyse software allows the clinician to set what parameters they want to include in the remote monitoring PDF report. It is recommended not to exclude central apnoeas and hypopnoeas in the report as this is important information to ensure CPAP/Bilevel therapy is optimised to treat any residual events.

Sefam Analyse software

Sefam analyse reporting Central Hypopnoeas

Detected Events Index

Example of Sefam Analyse that shows residual

Central Apnoea and Hypopnoeas

Sefam Analyse

This example shows a 28-day period of S Box use data in Sefam Analyse. The total residual AHI is 46.8 events per hour of sleep. Adherence is 5.38 hrs. Some mask leak needs to be addressed. The total central Apnoea/Hypopnoea Index is 32.5 so a clinical review is needed to discuss therapy adjustments and other medical management of co-morbidities.

Detected Events Index

PolyLink Polygraphy system

PolyLink in combination with the S Box allows Polygraphic measurement of the treatment efficacy of CPAP/APAP/NIV therapy as well as supporting home titration and re-titration (where indicated). The PolyLink system and Sefam Analyse display all treatment efficacy data in one place in the Sefam Analyse desktop software which is unique to this software.

Polylink device

As far as we are aware, Sefam offers the only CPAP/Bilevel devices that incorporate polygraphy and therapy in the same software which will allow you to see any residual central apnoea or hypopnoea events breath by breath. This unique feature of the PolyLink system allows the clinician to review detailed sleep-related data whilst on treatment that can support treatment titration and changes to the S Box settings remotely where required via the Sefam Analyse software. The PolyLink polygraphy system records 10 channels under CPAP/Bilevel therapy.

Polylink recording

To find out more about our innovative Sefam hardware and software solutions and the PolyLink polygraphy system come and visit or stand at the #ARTP2024


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