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Picture of a man wearing the Sunrise device
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No night in the hospital, no cables, no electrodes... Just your chin and that’s all! Sunrise have discovered it to be the best placement for measuring mandibular movements, which are the ideal signal for understanding what the brain does to protect your breathing at night.

A major innovation in sleep medicine over the last 20 years, this technology has been validated by world-renowned experts.

  • High level of accuracy

  • At home

  • Non-invasive

  • Disposable/Recyclable

  • Cost-effective

Sefam UK is the sole supplier of the Sunrise device in the UK. Click on this link to watch a video of how the Sunrise device works.

Sunrise device statistics
  • The brain plays a critical role in maintaining upper airway patency by contracting muscles that are attached to a mobile bone called the mandible.

  • The mandibular movements reveal the changes in the trigeminal motor nucleus activity driven by the brainstem centre.

  • These mandibular movements are a direct proxy of how the sleep centres in the brain regulate sleep and respiration, informing about the major events required for characterizing sleep apnea:

  • Robust and accurate measurement of Total Sleep Time 

  • Micro-arousals index 

  • Obstructive Apnea/hypopnea

  • Head position

  • Sleep staging

  • Respiratory effort measurement (RERAs)

Sunrise device vs conventional sleep test
Sunrise device unique selling points
  • The brain controls the opening of the upper airways during sleep through the muscles of the throat. These muscles are attached to a mobile bone, the mandible.


  • Mandibular movements reveal the changes in the trigeminal motor nucleus activity driven by brainstem centres involved in sleep/wake transitions.


  • The activity of upper airway muscles anchored on the mandibular jaw is the net result of the activation of brainstem respiratory and sleep centres and their respective interactions.


  • This produces specific mandibular movement patterns reflecting the interactions between sleep stages and respiratory control. Sleep mandibular movements represent a powerful tool for characterizing respiratory disturbances in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Sunrise Mandibular Movement
Sunrise signals

Sunrise does not require traditional EEG, EOR, and EMG signals typically used to determine changes in brain state during sleep stages or two belts to estimate the respiratory effort.


Instead, the study of mandibular movements makes it possible to closely analyze the signals the brain sends during the night.


Artificial intelligence interprets the amplitude and frequency of mandibular movements to identify 3 features from 30 and 10-second epochs:

  • sleep/wake patterns

  • micro-arousals

  • respiratory effort

From the respiratory effort, represented by the amplitude of mandibular movements, Sunrise extracts the obstructive apnea and hypopnea events.

Sunrise Convenience
  • What can I use the the Sefam Access Lite App for?
  • How do I pair my S.Box to the Sefam access lite app?
  • Is it possible to connect a pulse oximeter to Sefam devices?
    No, our devices do not support connectivity with pulse oximeters.
  • Are all Bluetooth BP monitors compatible with Sefam devices?
    No, only BP monitors that are listed in the Sefam Access Lite app can be paired with our devices.
  • Will Sefam devices with a built-in modem continue to transfer data when I'm abroad?
    Yes, the data transfer will continue globally as long as there is a mobile signal available.
  • Can I travel by plane with the S Box?
    Yes, we are able to provide a travel letter that outlines the device's nature and its suitability for air travel.
  • Is the Sunrise device disposable?
    While the Sunrise device is disposable, we encourage you to return it to us for recycling and reusing its internal components.
  • Can I purchase silicone rubber mask inserts separately?
    Absolutely, you can find replacement mask cushions here.
  • Do you offer masks without a nasal bridge?
    No, all our masks come with a nasal bridge included.
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