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S.Box Heated Humidifier

The S Box heated humidifier can be easily fitted to your S Box if you require humidification due to oro-nasal dryness.

The heated humidifier can be set and also can be automatically adjusted to meet your needs.  

More details on how to fit and use the humidifier can be found in the user manual.


Sefam - Heated humidifier .png

S.Box carrying bag

Customised carry bag to allow all your accessories to be stored safely when your device is not in use.



S.Box Remote Monitoring Module

Modem - M-116500

WIFI - M-116900

S Box modem_edited.jpg

Other essentials

  • Data card for storage and transfer of data from your S Box device (M-216430-05)

  • S Box USB cable for data transfer directly from your S Box device to Sefam connect and Sefam Analyse (M-216430-09)

  • S Box power supply cable (M-416410-00)

  • S Box air inlet filters (pack of 50) (M-413950-02)

  • S Box 24 V cable for travel or camping (M-216430-08)

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