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Advancements in Personalised Sleep Apnoea Therapy: The Role of Sefam S Box and S Box Duo

Sleep apnoea syndrome is a prevalent condition that has led to advancements in personalised sleep apnoea therapy, affecting millions globally. Multiple breathing pauses can occur during sleep when the airway is completely or partially closed for periods of time. Other health issues can occur as a result of Sleep apnoea, including cardiovascular problems and daytime tiredness. Fortunately, advancements in both hardware and software have revolutionised the way we approach sleep apnea therapy.

Personalised Sleep Apnoea Therapy with Sefam S Box and S Box Duo devices

The Sefam S Box and S Box Duo devices combine cutting-edge hardware and software to support personalised care for people with sleep apnoea 1-3.

1. Advanced Monitoring: The Sefam S Box and S Box Duo devices come equipped with sensors that monitor a wide range of data, including airflow, respiratory effort, and even oxygen levels via a Bluetooth-connected wrist pulse oximeter. Real-time telemonitoring of device use allows sleep Medicine Clinicians to oversee a patient's sleep patterns and tailor treatment accordingly where issues arise.

2. Connected Technology: The Sefam S Box and S Box Duo devices include an ecosystem of connected healthcare technology. People with Sleep apnoea can use the Sefam Access Lite app app to monitor their progress and communicate with their healthcare team when problems are encountered. This connectivity can facilitate patient engagement, co-manage their condition and also support adherence to therapy.

3. Data-Driven Insights: The devices collect Data regarding treatment efficacy and allow Sleep Medicine Clinicians to make therapy adjustments where required.

4. Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring of treatment efficacy is supported by the Sefam Connect and Sefam Analyse software platforms, the Sefam Access Lite app for patients and the Sefam Access pro app for clinicians. Sleep Medicine clinicians can remotely access user data, allowing for timely interventions and reducing the need for frequent in-person visits.

Personalised Care Pathways

With the Sefam S Box and S Box Duo devices, personalised care pathways are becoming the norm in sleep apnea therapy. Users can expect:

- Customised treatment plans based on their unique sleep patterns and needs.

- Real-time adjustments to device settings where needed, ensuring comfort and treatment effectiveness.

- Increased user engagement and motivation to support adherence to prescribed therapy through mobile apps.

- Timely interventions and support from Sleep Medicine clinicians, remotely reducing the need for in-person visits to the clinic.

The Sefam S Box and S Box Duo devices combine state-of-the-art hardware with connected software technology and support the delivery of personalised care pathways that may improve patient comfort, adherence, and overall treatment outcomes. Sleep apnea treatment is not a one-size-fits-all therapy and our hardware devices and software ecosystem support users in an individualised and more personalised healthcare delivery plan 1-3.


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