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  • What can I use the the Sefam Access Lite App for?
  • How do I pair my S.Box to the Sefam access lite app?
  • Is it possible to connect a pulse oximeter to Sefam devices?
    No, our devices do not support connectivity with pulse oximeters.
  • Are all Bluetooth BP monitors compatible with Sefam devices?
    No, only BP monitors that are listed in the Sefam Access Lite app can be paired with our devices.
  • Will Sefam devices with a built-in modem continue to transfer data when I'm abroad?
    Yes, the data transfer will continue globally as long as there is a mobile signal available.
  • Can I travel by plane with the S Box?
    Yes, we are able to provide a travel letter that outlines the device's nature and its suitability for air travel.
  • Is the Sunrise device disposable?
    While the Sunrise device is disposable, we encourage you to return it to us for recycling and reusing its internal components.
  • Can I purchase silicone rubber mask inserts separately?
    Absolutely, you can find replacement mask cushions here.
  • Do you offer masks without a nasal bridge?
    No, all our masks come with a nasal bridge included.
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