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The Integration of the Sefam PolyLink System with Sefam Analyse Software

The field of sleep medicine has seen technological progress that has enhanced the way clinicians can monitor and analyse treatment efficacy. The Sefam PolyLink polygraph system is the integration of the Sefam PolyLink polygraphy signals with the S Box CPAP parameters, seamlessly embedded within the Sefam Analyse software. The Sefam Analyse software produces a comprehensive 10-channel PolyLink polygraphy analysis for individuals undergoing CPAP therapy.

What is the Sefam PolyLink System:

The Sefam PolyLink polygraphy system is a sophisticated on-treatment sleep study for sleep medicine clinicians. The PolyLink signals integrate with the S Box CPAP treatment efficacy data and can be viewed within the Sefam Analyse software providing information into a patient's response to CPAP therapy.

What can the PolyLink System measure:

  1. Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

  2. Pulse Wave Analysis

  3. Snoring and Flow Limitation

  4. Flow Signal Monitoring

  5. Obstructive and Central Apnoea and Hypopnoea Events

  6. Delivered Pressure Monitoring

  7. Unintentional Leak Detection

  8. Thorax and Abdominal Movement Tracking

  9. Body Position Monitoring

  10. Heart Rate Measurement

Enhancing CPAP Therapy: The Sefam PolyLink System Integration with Sefam Analyse Software

The seamless integration of the PolyLink system with Sefam Analyse software enhances the overall analysis process for sleep medicine clinicians. This integration consolidates the 10-channel polygraphy data, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of a patient's response to CPAP therapy within a unified platform.


The Sefam PolyLink system, in conjunction with the S Box CPAP unit and Sefam Analyse software, represents a significant advancement in sleep medicine. Clinicians now have access to a wealth of information through a 10-channel polygraphy analysis, enabling them to fine-tune CPAP therapy and tailor treatment plans to individual patient needs. This integration underscores Sefam's commitment to advancing sleep healthcare and improving outcomes for individuals undergoing CPAP therapy.


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