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SEFAM - Celebrating 40 Years of Sleep Medicine Innovation in Sleep Therapies

A Legacy of Innovation


Founded in 1982, SEFAM has been a leader in sleep medicine innovation. Their development of Europe's first CPAP device in 1984 marked the beginning of their impact in the field of treating sleep disordered breathing conditions. 


Growth and Vision


SEFAM's dedication to innovation has propelled its expansion into global markets, including the UK, where its products are now available in over 60 countries.

Technology for Better Care


In 2013, SEFAM introduced two software solutions: 'SEFAM Connect' and 'Sefam Analyse,' aimed at improving patient care through CPAP telemonitoring. These software offerings represented a significant advancement in healthcare management, facilitating remote monitoring and analysis of CPAP therapy data. By enabling healthcare providers to access real-time insights into patient progress and compliance, these solutions streamlined the monitoring process and allowed for personalized treatment adjustments as necessary.


Future Outlook


As SEFAM celebrates 40 years, their focus remains on patient-centered care and collaboration with medical professionals. Innovations like the introduction of the S.Box device's in 2017 demonstrate their commitment to delivering personalised care and continuous improvement in sleep medicine therapies.


SEFAM's journey reflects 40 years of innovation and dedication to enhancing people's lives through advanced sleep medicine therapies. Here's to many more years of impactful contributions from Sefam and Sefam UK. Come and visit us at the ARTP to help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary.



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