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Comprehensive Guide to Sefam's Breeze Range of CPAP Masks for Sleep Apnoea

Sefam UK understands the requirements of individuals relying on CPAP therapy to treat Sleep Apnoea and offers a range of mask sizes to accommodate various facial shapes, ensuring that users can find a comfortable CPAP mask for sleep apnoea that fits securely but also provides optimal comfort. The Breeze Masks Range by SEFAM offers a diverse selection of CPAP masks designed to prioritise user comfort and adaptability.

To find out more about our magnet-free mask range read on:

1. Breeze Comfort Range:

  • Innovative Concept: Single hand setting of the forehead support for easy mask adaptation.

  • Quick Coupler System: Headgear clips with a quick coupler system for effortless fitting and removal that facilitates the quick and easy attachment and detachment of the headgear clips.

  • Silicone Cushion: A deep silicone bubble for maximum comfort, especially for patients with a prominent nose.

  • Lightweight Frame: Allows quick assembly and disassembly of the silicone cushion and frame.

2. Breeze + Range Nasal:

  • Silicone Cushion: Deep silicone bubble for optimal comfort.

  • Interchangeable Forehead Support Tabs: Three sizes for optimum adjustment.

  • Rotating Elbow: 360° rotation for natural movement during the night.

  • Designed for Quiet Exhalation: Ensures a peaceful sleep environment.

3. Breeze Nasal:

  • Soft Silicone Cushion: Provides optimum comfort.

  • Lightweight and Durable: Enables quick assembly and disassembly for better hygiene.

  • Forehead Support Tab: Made of flexible silicon for a comfortable fit, relieving pressure points on the nasal.

  • Noiseless Design: Ensures quiet exhalation for a peaceful sleep.

4. Breeze Pillows Mask:

  • Nasal Pillows: Packed with three pillow sizes to suit various morphologies.

  • Silent Operation: Vents designed for silent air diffusion, ensuring a tranquil sleep.

  • 360° Rotating Elbow: Provides freedom of movement while maintaining mask stability.

In summary, Sefam UK's range of comfortable CPAP masks for sleep apnoea offers:

  • Efficiency for All: Three cushion sizes available to fit various face shapes and sizes.

  • Breeze Nasal Comfort: Combines flexibility of silicone with different forehead pad sizes for a soft and comfortable fit.

  • Breeze Pillows Range: Innovation with single hand setting for easy adaptation.

Our Breeze mask range emphasizes simplicity, lightness, and efficiency, catering to diverse user needs. The masks prioritise ease of use, comfort, and cost-effective therapy for individuals undergoing CPAP treatment.

To see images of our mask range visit here


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